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MLM World Leaders will gather at Krokus (Moscow) to define the future of the Network Industry.

September 5, 2020


MLM Entrepreneur 2019 Record Draw

On June 8, a grand event died out - the Assembly of MLM Entrepreneurs and we congratulate you on this! Everything went great, just great! So many positive feedback we received from the participants and speakers! Thank you for your feedback and we remind you that during the event we announced the raffle of Assembly 2.0 record for #vipmlm? .. (continued in article)

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Official opening of the VIP-MLM Club

Thank you for joining the VIP-MLM Club!

Now you will receive newsletters with current news and valuable materials of the Club, as well as all information will be duplicated on the site.

In order not to burden you with unnecessary obsession, we inform you that the publication of articles on the site will be on schedule: ... (continued in article)

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TOP 5 rules for success in business and life from Tony Robbins

The rules of Tony, which we give in this article - not just a motivation. This is a time-tested and successful experience, which you can use now and start creating yourself as a high-class specialist ... (continued in article)

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MLM world leaders will gather in Moscow to determine the future of the networking industry.

Be a part of the story!

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Book “MLM: Recruiting yesterday, today, tomorrow”

The collection includes articles by well-known top leaders of the networking industry in which people who have reached the top of the MLM business share their work experience with readers. The authors give answers to the most important questions, suggest methods of work with an emphasis on the current state of the business, which is rapidly gaining momentum and actively using new Internet technologies.

The book will be interesting as beginners in the MLM-business, and networkers with great experience, as well as all those who are interested in network marketing and looking for ways to success and financial independence.

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The Implications of a Trade War with China on the Direct Selling Industry

This week’s featured article is from Daniel Murphy, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Strategic Choice Partners. Dan has over 30 years of experience holding senior finance and operating roles at TJX, Pepsico, Panera Bread, Princess House and Immunotec. For the last 15 years Dan has served as both a CEO, CFO and COO for two party plans and network marketing company respectively. Currently Dan is a consultant specializing in the direct selling industry. Dan also served as the Treasurer of the Direct Selling Educational Foundation and previously served as the Treasurer for the US Direct Selling Association.

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