The Assembly of MLM Entrepreneurs 2.0 took place in Moscow on June 8, 2019.

The event was organized by the VIP-MLM Club.
The event exceeded all expectations! An excellent organization allowed the participants to quickly and naturally take their places, the program started on time, the speakers gave great content, which many participants brought out of rest!

Enthusiastic reviews can be found on the Internet on the hashtag of the event #vipmlm

Speakers from various network companies from different countries spoke on the stage, shared their experiences and gave specific tools and recommendations that helped them succeed in this business.

Let’s remember who shared invaluable knowledge and experience with us:

  • Roman Vasilenko
  • Armand Murnieks
  • Alexander Perevezentsev
  • Eric Vorre. Video message, especially for Assembly participants
  • Special guests of the Assembly – Lynn and Alena Irons
  • Mark and Sofia Atlasov
  • Artem Nesterenko
  • Igor and Lamar Zhabiny
  • Madina Salim
  • Panel discussion: Sergey Sannikov,
    Yulia Demidova, Said Kopaneva,
    Leonid Furer, Svetlana and Oleg Zavarukhin
  • Stanislav Sannikov
  • Dmitry Salimov
  • Sergey Vsekhsviatsky
  • Andrey Khovratov

And photos will help you to awaken unforgettable, bright, strong emotions and energy of the Assembly.
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