Usually, many people did not have enough time to properly maintain their accounts in social networks. But, given the fact that in April half the world is forced to sit in self-isolation at home, it’s time to do something that the hands did not reach, and if they did, then as far as possible.

🔥 So, today I propose to start talking about the content plan for social networks. 🔥

Content plan – a pre-made schedule for publishing posts with already selected content for a certain period of time.

This article will not address the question “what topics to write about?”. In principle, everyone should choose their own topics depending on the niche. But there will be a little theory from the series ” what posts are by type and how to combine them better”.

We would like to pay special attention to” business content”, as entrepreneurs from different companies have gathered here.

So, what do You think this “business content ” should be? Most people will say: it should be related to sales, product descriptions, business offers, etc.

Everyone will be right in their own way. However, not everything is so simple and making your business page, it is good to take into account some nuances. To begin with, a little theory, namely, what types of posts on business pages can be uploaded:


  • Selling. It is in these posts that they talk about the advantages of a product, service, or the company itself. These can be either review posts or posts aimed at any promotions. Do not mix one with the other, as this may cause overload for the reader or even confuse him. 
  • Informational. This is how You convey the necessary and interesting information to your target audience. Very important! These types of posts do not have the goal of openly selling anything. These posts can be in the form of interviews, stories, stories about the company, etc. In fact, these posts engage your readers and increase audience loyalty.
  • Entertaining. Any person somehow sometimes wants to relax, smile and get a share of positive emotions. You can share quotes or aphorisms of a famous figure. Or maybe You have your own interesting phrases that are used by You in the case? Share with your readers, congratulate them on holidays, or tell them your opinion about an event. This will definitely warm the relationship between You and your readers.
  • Involving. Motivates your reader for feedback. There are two main types of posts: competitive and interactive. Everyone loves practical jokes and this engages readers, as well as increases the reach of Your posts, and interactive posts generate interest.
  • Teaching. They teach you how to use your company’s product or service correctly. You can also raise topics around the topic. These posts can be made in the form of instructions or useful collections. By the way, readers like to share useful selections, and this in turn will increase the coverage of your posts.
  • Third-party. This content is generally about something third-party, not related to You or your company’s activities. In fact, such posts should be done with caution, as it may distract some of the audience or cause confusion. However, this is a good way to promote your affiliate program, especially when You have a large subscriber base.

What should I consider when creating a content plan?

  1. You should not fill your page only with selling content. This gets boring very quickly and such pages rarely arouse trust from readers.
  2. At least 20% of all posts must be entertainment posts. This way, readers will be much more happy to visit Your page.
  3. Educate your reader. In this way, you will build trust in You as a specialist. It also really well engages the audience and as a result you are more willing to buy.
  4. If you want to engage your reader in feedback, then you need to try and make a really high-quality post. Recently, calls to ” share in the comments” and similar work frankly so-so. Readers are much more involved in interactive posts, surveys, and tests. This is interesting, for many it is easier and faster.

And another thing worth noting for a better content plan is that it will bring your posts to a professional level:

  • Informative

Exclude ” water” to the maximum and fill it with benefits. Otherwise, the audience will lose trust and it will be very difficult to regain it, and most importantly, it will take a long time.

  • Focus

There is no goal – maybe someone will use it, and maybe not. Therefore, before writing a post, answer the question: what goal do You want to achieve after publishing the information? And only after answering this question, get down to business.

  • Focus on the reader

Remember that you write primarily for your readers, not for yourself. A good life hack: imagine your mother or friend who is far from your topic and think, after reading your post, whether everything will be clear to them. If the answer is “no”, then simplify or explain the terms from the text. But also remember that you should not overload the reader too much, otherwise in principle you risk discouraging the desire to read your page in the future.

  • Virality

The more reposts , the more coverage other posts have. It’s simple. Your posts or comments (Yes, this also works) interest others, and then people go to Your page. If people who go to a page are generally impressed with how and what You write, then they become your audience.

  • Periodicity

If posts are posted once a month or even once a week, then You will quickly be forgotten and the person’s news feed will be taken over by others. There is an opinion that it is worth posting 2-3 times a day, but as practice shows, authors quickly burn out and as a result, the quality of content frankly decreases over time. The most optimal thing to post is once every 2-3 days, but not less often! Do you feel that you have a passion for more? Give your best once a day. The most important thing for You is to flash periodically in your readers ‘ feed. In General, posts are actively displayed for the first 48 hours. You can also see posts posted 3-4 days ago in the feed, but this is already rare.