Planning is the strength and essential tool of any network entrepreneur. It’s no secret that it is best to make plans for the day from the evening of the previous day, and for the week from the weekend. This is the theory that you will encounter in any time management course.

By the way! Vacations also need to be planned and this is often forgotten.

But now imagine the situation, you are summing up the results of the week and you realize that you have not frankly finalized or reached the desired results. What to do in order not to lose the rest of strength and not to lose the mood completely?

A small manual to maintain morale and productive movement forward towards the goals:


📝 Most importantly, you must recognize that it is worth revising the regime and schedule and analyze the reasons for the failure of plans. Having done this, proceed to the next step.


⏰ You should allow yourself to either take at least a short break, or, conversely, get more involved in the processes. And this step must be approached with the utmost honesty and responsibility.


Let’s figure out how to act in this situation.

On the one hand, you could openly assume too many tasks and plans. Suppose for some time you really coped with them and you are a great fellow! However, the body is not iron and it also gets tired. If you know that you usually calmly overcome such a volume of tasks, and then there was a drawdown – you just need to give yourself a break at least a day or two. see for yourself how much easier things will go then. You will save much more time than “dragging” plans through force.

On the other hand, you might not have been included enough. “Where attention is, there is energy.” Perhaps you are so carried away by parallel processes that you missed the point. In this case, the advice is simple: prioritization.

After the first two points, usually everyone calms down and this is where the study ends. The mood is not the most cheerful, you get upset, scold yourself, or decide to blame everything on an unfortunate set of circumstances and in such a strange state enter a new day.

There is a proposal to cheer up and tune in to a positive wave. How? Read on. 👇


❓ Ask yourself the question “what have I learned / learned today / this week” and write down the answer to it. If you think that there is nothing to write, try to remember. It can be the results of conferences, conclusions after viewed webinars, insights in conversations with other people – anything that allows you to look at something from a new perspective, from a different angle and angle.


🏆 The standard item is “day / week wins,” but it is also important! Even if some small victories and achievements seem to you “for granted”, still write them down!


😍 What follows is a question that many overlook: “for what am I thankful / grateful to myself and others?”. Makes you wonder, right?

By the way, scientists conducted an experiment in which students were divided into 3 groups. In one group, they wrote daily about troubles during the day, in the second they wrote all their inner experiences, and in the third they wrote a list of events and names that caused a feeling of gratitude.

After 10 weeks, it turned out that for the participants from the 3rd group, unlike the participants of the other 2 groups, things, including business, went uphill, they began to enjoy doing even simple household chores, were less worried and worried about the future .

So draw conclusions and thank your environment for what is happening in your life.


💞 Well, the last point. Think about what you want to wish for yourself and others? It can be relatives, friends, colleagues, clients – anyone.

The bottom line is that this is how you form a charge of positively charged energy around you.

Ready to take stock in a new way? If you constantly follow this algorithm, you will notice changes and improvements in life. So plan correctly, give thanks and love sincerely and be persistent in moving towards goals!