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Usually, many people did not have enough time to properly maintain their accounts in social networks. But, given the fact that in April half the world is forced to sit in self-isolation at home, it's time to do something that the hands did not reach, and if they did, then as far as possible.

🔥 So, today I propose to start talking about the content plan for social networks. 🔥

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How to maintain a resource state and a positive attitude even on difficult days?

Planning is the strength and essential tool of any network entrepreneur. It's no secret that it is best to make plans for the day from the evening of the previous day, and for the week from the weekend. This is the theory that you will encounter in any time management course. However, there are little secrets that few people know and which make it much easier to take new heights!

Learn the secrets in this article.

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Assembly MLM Businessmen 2.0 Moscow, Luzhniki

The Assembly of MLM Entrepreneurs 2.0 took place in Moscow on June 8, 2019.

The event was organized by the VIP-MLM Club.
The event exceeded all expectations! An excellent organization allowed the participants to quickly and easily take their places, the program started on time, the speakers gave great content, which many participants brought out of rest ... (continued in article)

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Appeal of Eric Worre to businessmen of the industry

В этой статье предлагаем вам посмотреть видео обращение Эрика Ворре. Уверены, что вы знаете кто это и именно поэтому сейчас находитесь на этой страничке.

Он говорит о сетевом маркетинге, как о неидеальном бизнесе, но лучшем из всех существующих видов предпринимательства, аргументируя свои слова.

Также показывает возможности, которые... (продолжение в статье)

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Annual New Year's balls in the State Museum of them. A.S. Pushkin is a new tradition in the network industry, uniting various network companies and raising the image of the industry to a new level.
Thanks to experts in the field of reconstruction of historical balls of the XVIII - XIX centuries. You can ... (continued in article)

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MLM Entrepreneur 2019 Record Draw

On June 8, a grand event died out - the Assembly of MLM Entrepreneurs and we congratulate you on this! Everything went great, just great! So many positive feedback we received from the participants and speakers! Thank you for your feedback and we remind you that during the event we announced the raffle of Assembly 2.0 record for #vipmlm? .. (continued in article)

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Official opening of the VIP-MLM Club

Thank you for joining the VIP-MLM Club!

Now you will receive newsletters with current news and valuable materials of the Club, as well as all information will be duplicated on the site.

In order not to burden you with unnecessary obsession, we inform you that the publication of articles on the site will be on schedule: ... (continued in article)

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TOP 5 rules for success in business and life from Tony Robbins

The rules of Tony, which we give in this article - not just a motivation. This is a time-tested and successful experience, which you can use now and start creating yourself as a high-class specialist ... (continued in article)

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MLM world leaders will gather in Moscow to determine the future of the networking industry.

Be a part of the story!

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