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The world is constantly changing.
Remember the time without mobile phones and the Internet? 15 years ago, Nokia was a market leader in phones. It later went bankrupt and was bought out by Microsoft. Microsoft later sold it to the Chinese. Twitter, LJ, and the social network MySpace is dying.
Technologies are improving and, with them, people are changing – this process is exciting. To succeed in the network business, you need to know how it all began, what tools work today, how they changed and will change over time. This is what the book MLM: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is about.
The authors are experts in network marketing: many years of experience, international scope and the desire to develop this area as a separate profession, combined them in creating a joint project that is physically represented by this book.

Authors of the book:
Igor and Lamara Zhabiny (Russia)
Alla and Oleg Andriychuk (Russia)
Smiljan Mori (Slovenia)
Andrey Khovratov (Russia)
Anna Pavlova (Russia)
Neli Pavlova (Bulgaria)
Elena Motorina (Russia)
Vladimir Larin (Russia)
Svetlana Sakhnovskaya (Kazakhstan)
Elena Korshunova (Russia)
Inna Shubnikova (Russia)
Ernest Savin (Russia)
Alexander Kushniruk (Russia)
Yuri Fil (Russia)

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