On June 8, a grand event died out – the Assembly of MLM Entrepreneurs and we congratulate you on this! Everything went great, just great! So many positive feedback we received from the participants and speakers! Thank you for your feedback and we remind you that during the event we announced a draw of the Assembly 2.0 entry for #vipmlm?

Admit, participated? How many publications have done?
About a thousand posts were viewed and studied before we managed to choose a winner!

And to be honest, we could not choose one winner, so we have three lucky ones who have become the owners of the recording of this wonderful event!

Are you interested to know their names and see the photos that led to the victory of our champions?

We are pleased to congratulate 🎉👇

💎 Anton Bykov;

💎 Anastasia Oskolkova;

💎 Ivan Poluyanchik.