The rules of Tony, which we give in this article – not just a motivation. This is a time-tested and successful experience that you can use now and start creating yourself as a high-class specialist.

Rule 1 – Choose a mentor from the best representatives of your profession, study his success story and try to do the same as he.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has already achieved it, and repeat after him.”

Tony Robbins in one of his books talks about one of the most significant moments in life – attending a Jim Ron seminar. Then he began to control his thoughts and choose only those strategies that will lead to success.

Rule 2 – Manage Your Time

Every day, improve yourself – your professional skills and abilities by at least 1% and in 10 years you will be able to improve yourself by more than 300%! Just imagine how you grow professionally!

Rule 3 – Always look for a way out in a positive decision.

Everything that happens to you in one way or another positively affects you.
It is through problems and difficulties that we begin to grow and change.

“Even out of a million bankruptcy you can make a million profit” Tony Robbins.

Rule 4 – Create Opportunities and Circumstances

We pay attention to what we have in focus. Focusing on failure and problems, we begin to notice in everything that only negative moments occur. So change the focus on a positive way, search for solutions and your life will begin to change drastically.

Rule 5 – Help those who are worse off than you and help this person.

First you give energy, and only then you get a return on this invested labor. So do not be stingy to help those in need.